The Gowanus restaurant owned by a celebrity chef who was arrested last month for allegedly attempting to poison his neighbor's beloved maple tree appears to have closed.

Neighbors say Bar Salumi, located at 4th Avenue and 15th Street, has been shuttered for at least the last two weeks, with no sign on the door and furniture "stacked haphazardly" inside. Calls to the restaurant yielded a disconnected number. Yelp also claims that the location has been closed.

The restaurant's owner and chef Adam Harvey made headlines last month after he was allegedly caught terrorizing his leafy Brooklyn neighborhood of Windsor Terrace. Witnesses say they saw him drilling into his neighbor's 60-year-old maple tree, and filling the holes with herbicide. It's believed that Harvey, a Union Square Cafe alum who also appeared on the 12th season of Top Chef, was allegedly trying to kill the tree in order to direct more sunlight toward his solar panels.

"The tree has a right to be and has a right to survive," the tree's owner, a retired school teacher, told the Daily News. “Why would you have solar panels and try to take down a tree? That to me is the linchpin of everything. It says a lot."

"The neighborhood is in mourning because of that tree suffering," the owner added.

Despite his alleged tree-killing tendencies, Harvey has previously highlighted his own restaurants' commitment to eco-friendly sourcing—Bar Salumi touted its “farmer’s market ingredients,” and a previous version of the space, called A&E Supply Co., boasted of a "farm to party" ethos.

The current iteration of Bar Salumi had been around for only three months.

We've reached out Harvey, as well as co-owner Ennio Di Nino, and we'll update if we hear back.