Pork lovers, prepare! This weekend, Governor's Island will be transformed into a swine salon, with several hundred pounds of pork being doled out at the appropriately-named Pig Island event on Saturday. Jimmy's No. 43 owner Jimmy Carbone is the brains behind the operation, and he's invited two dozen of his closest chef friends to prepare their very best, Greenmarket-sourced pork dishes. Tickets are $70 for all-you-can-eat, and there's a $40 vegetarian-only option for the flesh-averse.

Here's a look at some of the menu's highlights:

  • Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, Print: Maple bacon sticky buns
  • King Phojankong, Kuma Inn & Umi Nom: Roasted Lechon and braised Adobo over rice
  • Adam Schop, Nuela: Linguica with liver mousse, salsa Criolla on grilled muffin
  • Jacques Gautier, Palo Santo: Pig's head tacos
  • Joe Dobias, JoeDoe: JoseDoe Cubano: roasted pork butt, shoulder bacon, cracklins, swiss, homemade pickles
  • Alan Bravaccini, San Rocco: Pork legs Brasata with caramelized shallots and roasted potatoes; Pork belly stuffed with lard and prunes, cayenna pepper, served on thyme black cabbage
  • Nate Courtland, iCi: Escarole and pulled pork salad with pickled hot peppers, sweet mustard dressing and Chicharron Gremolata
  • Jimmy Carbone, Jimmy's No. 43: Vegetarian sides: Grilled corn with garlic, cayenne, lime; fresh cheese

A brief word to the wise: smart Governors Island food event attendees will get there early and be prepared for lines. Some events on the Island are disastrous, but this isn't Carbone's first time with the event, so hopefully it will run fairly smoothly. Still, stay smart.