061208artisanalicecreamtruck.jpgPhoto courtesy Ashley Fischer.

As DUMBO NYC pointed out today, it’s that time of year when the city is crawling with ice cream trucks. The only problem is – other than the maddening repetition of hit jingles like “Pop Goes the Weasel” – these Kool Man and Mister Softee purveyors don’t sell ice cream; it’s all synthetic soft serve or pre-packaged frozen products that ought to be shut down by Children's Services. Even the aesthetically appealing retro Good Humor man is peddling sub par processed treats. What’s an ice cream snob to do?

Help is on the way in a week or so when New Yorkers will start seeing two vintage Chevrolet step vans dishing out scoops of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. The gourmet ice cream is made using “hormone free” dairy, and contains no stabilizers, preservatives, corn syrup or unnatural emulsifiers. Even the cones are organic, and if you want it sans cone your eco-friendly ice cream man will serve it in cups produced from Bagasse, a chemical-free fiber made from sugar cane, with spoons made from cornhusks. (It's unclear how eco-friendly the truck's carbon emissions are.)

Flavors include Sicilian Pistachio, Piedmont Hazelnut and Hudson Valley Red Currant – if you check out their website you’ll find plenty of details about their meticulously sourced, sustainable ingredients. We’ll let you know when the first trucks hit town, but look for one near Bowling Green by the end of the month – and not a moment too soon!