2005_03_food_survivalkit.JPGThere are some days when you come home from work and really want a drink, and then there are those days when you need one. For Gothamist, this week was the latter. We’re not sure if it was the lost Fed-Ex package, the jammed copier or the infamous blue screen of death (oh PC we hate you) that pushed us over the edge – but we knew it was time to bust out the Gothamist Survival Kit.

The Gothamist Survival Kit has gotten us through some tough times. Sometimes just the thought of it tucked away brings a sense of calm during those two hour meetings to recap what was discussed in the four hour meeting that preceded it. Clearly, this kit holds a special place in our hearts and we want to share it with you.

Gothamist Survival Kit

1 – six pack of Sierra Nevada
We don’t know what magic is in Sierra Nevada, but that frosty goodness makes everything seem a little better. If Sierra Nevada isn’t your brew of choice, feel free to substitute with another pale ale or pilsner – remember this is for times of desperation, no watered down wimpy beers allowed.

1 – bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne
A bottle of champagne is a critical component to the kit. We checked with the experts, and it turns out the tiny bubbles in the champagne trigger a chemical reaction in the brain - causing euphoria and uncontrollable joy (ok, so we were unable to get confirmation from the medical community in time for posting, but Jen’s cousin’s boyfriend said it was true and his dad’s a podiatrist).

1 – bag of Cheetos (preferably the crunchy kind)
The key to this item is a non-perishable food that will go equally well with the beer or champagne. We’ve selected Cheetos because the cheese and salt flavors bring out the delicate fruit notes and effervescence in the champagne and I think it’s safe to say that beer and Cheetos are a match made if heaven. Feel free to substitute with Cheeze-its or Doritos.

1 - Davidoff Aniversario Number 2 Cigar
The rich intense flavors of this cigar are not for the faint of heart – however if you are breaking the glass on this kit, this cigar might be exactly what you need.

3 – Advil (and two bottles of water)
We venture to say – this may be one of the most important components of the kit. Nothing makes a bad day worse – then following it with a hangover. By taking the Advil and water prior to bed your morning may be a little sunnier. (Again, we couldn’t get confirmation from the medical community – so you may want to read the back of the Advil bottle).

The beautiful thing about this kit is you can probably put it all together for less than $50. Now the real challenge is figuring out how to expense it.