The New York Daily News reports that The Dumpling Man is now open on St. Mark's Place, serving

seared and steamed dumplings in the classic northern Asian style. That means fillings - including pork, chicken and calamari - are blended with herbal juices to boost moistness and flavor. Wrappers are rolled out individually so they're pillowy, not doughy. About $3.50-$4.50 for six pieces. The casual specialty spot also serves miso soup, salad and red bean shaved ice.

dumpling man.JPG

Gothamist noticed Dumpling Man's smiling face last week and was hoping that it would be opening soon.

Gothamist also enjoys Fried Dumpling, which serves 5 of the most succulent fried pork dumplings for $1.

Dumpling Man, 100 St. Marks Place between A & B, East Village, 212-505-2121.
Fried Dumpling, 106 Mosco St, Chinatown, (212) 693-1060; 99 Allen Street between Delancey and Broome, LES (212) 941-9975.