steveturkeyg.jpgIt was another festive evening at the annual Dobkin-Greengold Second Night Seder. I got there late, after the Haggadah had been read, but all was okay because there was more than enough brisket to go around. (I also made Ezra save me some - thanks Ez.) There was also turkey, kosher stuffing, potato kugel, gefilte fish, charoset, asparagus, salad, and, of course, matzoh ball soup.

This was my eighth year at Passover with the Dobkin-Greengolds, and I've come to love the large gathering of friends and family during Passover because it reminds me of Thanksgiving - just with more matzoh. It was also shocking to realize that the youngest child was now a 14 year-old teenage boy who didn't want to find the "afikoman." Gothamist must be getting older, but not any more mature.

Jake grabbed the turkey drumstick, and in a moment of twin ESP, Molly later wielded her own turkey drumstick. She mentioned how when she and Jake were babies, there was a picture of them eating enormous turkey drumsticks. At the time, Jake was on a reduction diet to determine what food allergies he had, and Molly had to follow it also because their mom didn't want Jake to feel alone. Ah, to have a twin.

Sam eyes Molly's drumstickJake horrifies all with his turkey eating style

Below, I think what I'm eating is Carrot Tzimmes. Mmm...carrots. Anyway, in much more interesting news, Bill and Thuy are graduating med school (yay! congratulations!) and Sam and Graham discussed plans for their band Arctic Square. Graham confirmed a date between 10/23 and 10/25 - save the date, folks.

Feed me!  I'm hungry!Bill and Thuy

There was also a crazy spread of sweets: Cheesecake, fruit, kosher fallen chocolate cake, noodle kugel, cherry babka, and candied chestnuts from Fauchon, courtesy Rachel. Plus varoius other kosher chocolates. We all started scrambling for tea to start the detox program.

Cherry babkaNoodle kugel

Thanks, Steve and Bobbie for another wonderful Pesach!

Second Night Seder Table

Gothamist loves food.