Taking "resy" to another level, the New York's Intelligencer exposes the innerworkings of the reservation system at Daniel, the East Side crown in Daniel Boulud's NY culinary empire. Apparently, there are codes next to the names in the reservation books: NBD (No Big Deal), PX (Person Extraordinaire), or PXX (Person Extra Extraordinaire). And, admittedly, for a second, we wondered why "E" wasn't used for "Extraordinaire," but then we figured it out. Hee, of course. [Via Page Six]


And the Rush & Molloy puts this rumor out there: Brat Pack author Jay McInerney may be William Grimes' replacement as the Times restaurant critic. You write a book that becomes a movie that stars a post Back to Future Michael J. Fox, you write about your wine collection, you eat food, and you're in the running to be the restaurant critic at the Times? Good to know! Marion Burros reviewed Zona Rosa last week.