After Saturday's walkout and subsequent closing down of Gorilla Coffee, the former staff has said this is not a strike and they have no intention of going back. Diner's Journal has a full statement from the former staff, which alludes to issues with a "business partner," most likely co-owner Carol McLaughlin, and "a lack of mutual respect" between the owners and the staff. It accuses McLaughlin of creating a “perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment," and when she wouldn't resign the staff decided to quit. Other owner Darleen Scherer said the walkout was "a complete surprise."

Scherer said the staff's requests were "unreasonable," and they had no option but to quit. The staff allegedly met with the owners regarding the "business partner," but they could find no agreement on the situation. "A collective instant resignation was an agreed upon last resort and not a bargaining chip. It was simply that without change, we all felt unwilling to undergo another day in that environment." Though it was a surprise to owners, the walkout seemed like a long time coming to regulars. Commenter nicolettemason said, "For some reason I'm not surprised. I've known a few people who worked there and they all hated it." The owners say the popular cafe won't be opening again anytime soon.