Remember the Gorilla Coffee walkout of last spring? Two weeks after all of their employees abandoned the Park Slope mainstay due to a “perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment," they reopened with new staff and a positive, if unapologetic, attitude. Now, according to Fucked In Park Slope, Gorilla Coffee has filed suit against the New York Times, a NYT reporter and eight former employees for participating "in the preparation and publication of [a] false, defamatory, malicious and libelous article."

The Times article in question includes the aforementioned quote about the "demeaning work enviornment." The complaint, which FIPS learned of via an anonymous tip, but which they allege to have seen "with [their] own damn eyes," goes on to say, "as a result of the false and injurious e-mail which was printed, published and circulated by NYT, the content of which was furnished by the individual defendants, with express and implied malice and with design and intent to injure Gorilla in its good name and reputation, Gorilla seeks punitive damages against all defendants, jointly and severally, for their egregious, wanton, reckless and negligent conduct, in a sum to be determined upon the trial of this action."

You can see the whole complaint here.