The key to success in our frenzied metropolis is in keeping well-caffeinated, which shouldn't be difficult considering the number of coffee houses per square mile. Park Slope's popular coffee bar Gorilla Coffee raises our coffee community by one this week with the opening of their second location near the Barclays Center today. Like its predecessor, the new shop will offer traceably-sourced, single-origin coffees, roasted out of their Gowanus facility.

But where the original has a more casual coffee shop vibe, the new spot aims to educate drinkers not only about the source of their roast but also how each beverage comes to be. Hand-poured brews are created at the "slow bar" into glass jars so customers can watch the liquid get stronger. Unique espresso machines—called modular-brewing systems—eschew the bulky boxes in favor of smaller fixtures so customers have full view as their drinks are created.

Education is all well and good but we're also a people on a time crunch. If you're tight for time, the front bar offers traditional drip coffees as well as Gorilla's tasty cold brew so you can caffeinate on the go.

472 Bergen Street between Fifth and Flatbush;