This is like something a 5th grader would come up with at the annual Invention Convention (sans the alcohol aspect). Meet: the GoPlate, which claims to be your “answer to mobile socializing.” You want to eat a bologna sandwich while carrying your wine and working a room at a party? GoPlate's gotcha covered.

The plastic plate can fit around your wine glass, your beer bottle, your Lime-a-rita can, and even a Solo cup—meaning you can liberate one hand while holding your drink and snack plate in the other. Of course, nothing is easy, so you do have to put a little work into this device to make it perform well for you. Mainly, they warn, “Always remove beverage before drinking.” If you don't remember this integral step, then you will find yourself with snacks falling on top of you. (And with grounds for frivolous lawsuit?!)

10 of these will cost you around $19, though reviewers warn they are not reusable due to their flimsiness. However, if you find you can't finish your snacks because you're just enjoying your alcohol too much, don't worry, this product is "refrigerator safe" (they really say that!). [via Laughing Squid]