2007_02_krispyburger.jpgThe city may be fighting a war on trans-fats but Google's NYC cafeteria might as well be Switzerland from the looks of some photographs of what's being served up. Today, a Bacon Krispy Kreme Burger (whose sign also says "wrong on so many levels") was on the menu. Not only is the Krispy Kreme bun grilled, but the burger had cheese, too.

Someone who actually had the burger told us, "It tasted like a candied burger. Or rather what you would expect a candied burger to taste like." Well, there is the marriage of the sweet and savory. We suspect some employees might be checking the benefits handbook to see if colonics are covered.

Would you eat a Krispy Kreme Bacon Burger? You can see what other things are being eaten at Google cafeteria by looking at the "googlefood" tag on Flickr. And we'll have more about the NYC Google offices next week.

Update: Per a comment, we found out that Jim Gaffigan has been joking about donut hamburgers for a while - and that minor league baseball team in Illinois has been serving them.

Update 2: We're really learning a lot about the origins of donuts and burgers. Here's the Wikipedia entry on the Luther Burger. And the entry suggests (a citation is still needed, so will a nutritionist please try it out) that a donut bacon burger would be about 1,000 calories.

Photographs by satanslaundromat on Flickr