Gothamist reader Sean of Philly2Hoboken sent us an update about the new Goodburger on Second Avenue (the one we were excited about in September, after seeing it begin to emerge).


on Lexington Avenue opened this week, and delivery is expected by Monday. They have about 25 seats available to sit down, and it seemed the majority of people were there for takeout on Wednesday. Tried the cheeseburger and have the following mini-review:

I ordered the "Goodcombo #1", which is a Cheeseburger ($6.25), Fries ($2.25) and Milkshake ($5.25).


1. Burger: I ordered the cheeseburger, with "The Works" (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo), Grilled Onions ($.50 extra) and Bacon (1.50 extra). The meat was tender, and at the store a little sign claims to cook every burger as "medium" unless asked. Our burgers were medium rare at best. Personally, I don't mind that, but I am sure some customers won't like their meat so pink. The bacon was crisp, and the grilled onions weren't bad, but it was a bit of onion overkill because "The Works" already include onions.

2. Fries: Easily one of the better fries out there. Typical shoe string fries, cooked to a golden brown and a generous salt seasoning.

3. Milkshake: I had the chocolate milkshake, which was made with "all-natural hand-scooped Vermont ice cream". Absolutely delicious, hit the spot after a greasy meal.


Service: The employees there were friendly, efficient and quick. They have a touch-based computer system and itemize every order. When I arrived, there were fifteen orders ahead of me. After I placed my order, I was out the door in less than 10 minutes.


All that for $15.50. Goodburger will certainly give an unhealthy competition to equally as expensive, but tasty Burger Heaven on 62nd and Lexington to the midtown customers.

Goodburger has two locations - Second Avenue at 43rd Street and now Lexington at 54th Street.