2006_04_food_goodbad.jpgThe food world can be a rough place. Restaurants and markets come and go with the blink of an eye -- your favorite place can be there one minute and belly up the next. This week, we've got good news and bad news, take your pick.

The Good News
- Dirty Bird to Go -- we couldn't be more excited to taste the latest from Alison Vines-Rushing, who wowed us at Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar. She's now doing fried chicken, New Orleans style, plus rotisserie chickens, to satisfy the more health conscious among us (whoever they are). (204 West 14th Street, (212) 620-4836)
- Turks & Frogs Tribeca -- the West Village Turkish spot now has a spin-off in Tribeca. (458 Greenwich Street between Desbrosses and Watts Street, 212-966-4774)
- Vanessa's Dumplings -- Now you can get your cheap dumplings without heading to Chinatown. Sure, the price is almost double, but it's still only $1.99 for five of the tastiest fried dumplings in town. (220 East 14th St. between 2nd & 3rd, 212-966-4774)

The Bad News
Gothamist readers have tipped us off to some sad news on the food front (if you have tips for us, please let us know!)
- The Corona Heights Pork Store closed back in November, but there was some hope that it would come back to life, restored to its former glory. Not so, say the Chowhounds. A change in ownership probably killed the dream.
- Another tipster reports that the Soho branch of Penang was closed to make room for a realtor. He mentions a sign on the window mentioning that a Thai place was also in the works ther, but he "was so disoriented [that he] couldnt really absorb anything in print." Anyone have more info on this?

And, finally, sometimes there's good and bad news in the same place. Turns out the rumor reported earlier was false. The Shake Shack is holding off on breakfast to stay open later. Starting on Monday, April 17th, they'll be open from 11am-9pm daily, and starting on Friday, May 12th, they'll stay open until 11pm. And, as a bonus, they're adding a $30 bottle of champagne to the menu. What better way to celebrate?