The owner of Ako Sushi in Williamsburg is the latest restaurateur to open a new dining option on Nassau Avenue adjacent to McCarren Park. Chef Nick Wang opened Amami Bar & Restaurant this week, expanding on his popular Bedford Avenue restaurant with this spot, offering more of a pan-Japanese menu of sushi, yakitori, ramen and other snacks.

The wasabi and the soy sauce are house-made here, served alongside pieces of fresh sushi and colorful rolls adorned with jewel-toned roe or wrapped in thin slices of raw fish. There are literally hundreds of different options for fish and seafood, whether raw, skewered and grilled, fried, or steamed with vegetables.

They'll also be doing something unique for a sushi joint: brunch. Savory Japanese pancakes, okonomiyaki, can be prepared with seafood or sans any animals. Spicy Tekka Don features wild caught fresh tuna in a spicy mayo with a poached egg over rice, with similar preparations for chicken and breaded pork cutlet. On the sweet end, a Homemade Organic Azuki Whole Wheat Waffle ($11), a mouthful to say but healthy to eat.

57 Nassau Avenue, (917) 909.1568; website

Amami Sushi Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd