If you think that Gothamist is good for Law & Order musings, crime blotter updates, a suspect command of the English language, rumormongering and a fascination with black and white animals, know this much: We're also here to pack away any leftover cheesecake you may have. Our very own Tien Mao won a cheesecake eating contest during this past Saturday's Brooklyn Cyclones game. Forget the fact that he won in a field of two contestants (the other being a 50-something guy with a serious paunch) - Tien ate five pieces of Brooklyn Cheesecake in 30 seconds. And lived to tell about his strategy...without needing any stomachache remedies! Then there's the prize: A $50 gift certificate to some more Brooklyn Cheesecake.

It's unclear whether or not Tien will be repeating the feat anytime soon and whether or not Tien will join the IFOCE, but he does look forward to working on his volume pizza (lukewarm, as there are oil burn issues) eating. Perhaps at a future Happy Hour or Movable Hype, we'll have an eating contest of some sort. Any suggestions?