After admitting it did some things that were "wrong" and donating a pittance to help small business, Goldman Sachs continues to attempt some public penance by announcing a several hundred employees will serve Thanksgiving dinners to the needy next week. The Post reports that at the Salvation Army dinners, "The so-called masters of the universe will wait on downtrodden diners as if they were in a Michelin-star restaurant, bus their tables, then take out the trash afterwards."

The head of the NYC region Salvation Army, Lt. Col. Guy Klemanski, said, "They'll make sure everyone is well taken care of during the meal. If they need more coffee or something cold to drink, that's taken care of, too." The Salvation Army will be serving 10,000 dinners—from catering company Great Performances—this season, which is 10 times as many meals served last year.

As for Goldman Sachs, its employees—some of whom will partake in the $16 billion in bonus money— were reminded not to have Christmas parties in their own homes.