For the last year New York's cutting edge pizza scene has been dominated by the fryer. Specifically we're talking about the Montanara, a pizza pie that is fried before it goes in the oven to produce a lightly-greasy, slightly crunchy, barely sweet and completely tasty experience. The first fried pie to really make waves showed up at the Brooklyn Forcella, though some argue newcomer Don Antonio (whose fried pie has some Italian roots) has already supplanted it. Now, TONY points out, New York is set to get its first fried-pizza only pizza parlor. Naturally, it is opening on the Lower East Side. Hey, better than another meatball boutique!

The tiny (12-seats) La Montanara comes from Forcella pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani (so yeah, it is a mini-Forcella) and is set to open on Ludlow on March 28. And let's be clear: It will only sell pies that have been deep fried and then finished off in a blisteringly hot oven. On top of the standard pie topped with tomato sauce, house-made mozzarella, basil and parm, the joint will also offer a mushroom pie, a salame piccante pie and a basic marinara pie. Beyond pizza it'll have two "pizza sandwiches" and a few small bites for easy snacking (didn't we just say somebody needed to open an arancino joint?) on its very short menu [PDF].

We imagine the investor meeting when this idea was hatched went something like this: "Fried pizza on the Lower East Side?" "Fuck yeah! When can we open?"

168 Ludlow Street // 646-657-0730