Bushwick got left out of Dine-In Brooklyn week this year, so naturally Guy Fieri's new favorite 'hood is launching its own restaurant week, haters be damned. And they're even sweetening the deal for the Manhattan bridge-and-tunnel crowd, by offering diners up to $30 off their taxi ride. Not that there's a train, or anything.

Bushwick Restaurant Week runs from June 17-22, boasting deals from area bars and eateries like The Narrows and Mama Joy's (sorry kids, no discounts at Roberta's). But the best deal of all might be the one the organizers worked out with now-legal e-hail app Uber—all week, the promo code "Bushwick" gets you a $30 cab coupon for first-time riders. "You can take a cab from your home to one of the restaurants...or you can finish your meal and then have a ride anywhere in the city," Bob Murray, one of the organizers, told DNAinfo. Now all your Manhattanite friends really can't bitch about coming to Brooklyn. You can totally get a cab there now.

You can sign up for the Uber deal on Buswick Restaurant Week's Facebook page, though note that the promo is only for first-time riders and for UBERx, Black, and SUV; other deals to look forward to include 15 percent food discounts/$10/15 specialty dishes at restaurants like Brooklyn Fire Proof East, Mominette and Cafe Ghia, three-for-two beers at Heavy Woods and $5 bottomless ice creams at Evergreen Ice Cream Co.