2005_01_food_truebluegloves.JPGNew Yorkers understand the difficulties of navigating in a small kitchen. Heck, many of us still suffer with cramped quarters, mini-fridges and hot-plates. Happily, many of us have moved on to more well-equipped kitchens. But, one luxury that Gothamist always longs for when throwing dinner parties is an honest-to-goodness dishwasher. But, in lieu of the glories of a Maytag or its brethren, we've discovered the glories of True Blues.

True Blues are serious gloves for serious dishwashing. We're talking heavy-duty, thick rubber (fetish alert!), with textured grips and a stay-dry cotton lining. Clearly, this underground gourmand favorite is catching on and catching the eye of big-time retailers, with Williams-Sonoma actually producing a brand-new copycat line that comes in preppy pink, orange and green.

But, we feel loyal to True Blues. And, who can blame us? The name inspires it - not to mention our dry hands.

True Blues ($10.95 a pair) are available at: A Cook's Companion, 197 Atlantic Ave (near Clinton St.), Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-852-6901. And, if you want to try the Williams-Sonoma gloves ($12.00 a pair): Williams-Sonoma - NYC Flagship, Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY, 10019, (212) 823-9750, and at other Williams-Sonoma locations.