After Glenn Beck had a glass of wine "kicked" on him by a lynch mob in Bryant Park last summer (or "spilled," if you want to be a librul about it), we thought this city had finally rid itself of the man—FOX News did, too. Sadly we weren't so lucky.

"After a weekend in New York City, I remembered why I was so glad to move out of New York City," Beck said Tuesday on his radio show. Apparently he and his family went to Neely's Barbecue Parlor on the Upper East Side, and a hostess may or may not have scowled at him. "The look that I was given by those in charge at this restaurant was, how dare you even come in here," Beck said.

Grab some tissues:

This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I dared to cross? No? No, it couldn’t be because there were white people in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It’s amazing to me. One would think that—you wouldn’t want to shun people that might have diverse opinions. Maybe they could put a second door in or another entrance in for people like me.

Can't a man who makes more than $40 million a year talking about his opinions on the radio express those opinions without people judging him on his body of work? Does he have to sit in a room full of people who also exploited the Holocaust for money, or claimed that Barack Obama was "OK with killing 10 percent of the people?" It's like a smoking section, but for people who shill garbage and say things like, "Blacks don't own Martin Luther King, Jr." Diversity means including everyone, even if they're bigoted morons who have admitted to willfully exploiting their audience.

Neely's posted this message on their Facebook page. They would have released it through their radio show to 6.5 million listeners or promoted it through their news network but they aren't helpless.

We too are disappointed that Glenn Beck had an unfortunate experience at any NYC restaurant, but we can assure all our fans that Southern Hospitality is alive and well at Neely's Barbecue Parlor for all our customers.

Although we don't have confirmation that Mr. Beck did in fact dine with us, be assured he would've received the professional and friendly service we give to all our guests. NYC is the epicenter of the Great American Melting Pot, and we welcome guests of all races, religions, sexual preferences and political persuasions, who are ready to enjoy a satisfying meal and great service. The thing that makes a restaurant a
wonderful place to be is being in a room filled with diversity.

You can also read the despicable things that American Airlines did to Glenn Beck here. Why do bad things happen to good people?