When it comes to the potential ban on Israeli products at the Park Slope Food Co-Op, everyone has an opinion. Even Glenn Beck. With the big vote (to decide if they should vote) coming up fast, the former Fox News host went and expressed his displeasure with the idea at a Crown Heights fundraiser for a museum in Jerusalem last night.

"What is happening with the food co-op where they are seriously considering a boycott of Israel?" the internet TV pundit asked, before "likening the suggested ban to a subtle version of drawing swastikas." To Beck, who is not Jewish, "when you use words like 'I’m just anti-Israel' or 'I’m just anti-Zionist' — that’s anti-Semitic."

The crowd last night apparently enjoyed Beck's rant, which included a discussion of "Israel’s right to defend itself," and on-air use of the word "Nazi." Probably not a surprise, as the fundraiser was looking to raise money for the Gush Katif Museum, which commemorates the eviction of the controversial Israeli settlements in the Gaza strip.

The Libertarian even got at least one pol's support. Assemblyman Dov Hikind—who we will always remember from that time he invoked Lady Gaga in the debate over gay marriage—told the Brooklyn Paper afterward that "You have some idiots in Brooklyn. Nothing like a self-hating Jew!"

But not everyone was with Brother Beck! "People at the Co-op are very open-minded," Jewish Co-op member (and father of Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin) Steve Dobkin told the paper while defending the store's progressive thinking. “I’d like to boycott him.

Don't worry though. Soon this will all be over. The Co-Op votes on having a referendum on the issue on March 27 at Brooklyn Tech.