Two years after opening their first Seattle-style Korean and Japanese-influenced teriyaki joint in Midtown, owner Paul Krug and chef Dennis Lake are opening a second outpost of their restaurant Glaze Teriyaki Grill right off Union Square tomorrow. Between this and Dos Toros, Fourth Avenue just below 14th Street is suddenly a dependable spot for affordable, fast-casual grub.

So what to expect? The menu at the new Glaze is the same as the old Glaze, which, considering its fans, shouldn't be a problem. For between $6.75 and $9.50 you can get yourself a container with rice, salad, and a protein (chicken breasts or thighs, hanger steak, salmon, tofu, pork loin or even just veggies tossed with lemon yuzu). Oh, you are gluten free? They've got a whole bunch of options set aside just for you (think extra greens and no rice: see below). Salads and sides are also around (cold soba noodle salad, anyone?).

As for the decor, the small (750 square foot) space is similar in feel to the first Glaze. About half kitchen and half seating, the space is open, with funky furniture and an abstract mural. Of course, if it hits like the original (or its neighbor) it'll probably fill up pretty quickly—which is what Union Square is for, anyway! Meanwhile if this one does well, don't be surprised to see more Glazes in the future—the restaurant is also using the opening to announce a new franchise program.

139 4th Avenue // 212-420-9400