Today is a day devoted to family, friends - and turkey.


According to a recent Gallup Poll nearly half of all Americans, 49%, said turkey was their favorite edible item on the Thankgiving dinner table. No other food or dish came close. Stuffing or dressing was second, mentioned by 14% of respondents. Ham, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie were each mentioned by 5% of those polled.

Turkey favoritism is kind of a no brainer. But, Gothamist was very disappointed to see a key T-day player being dissed by the poll's respondents - the glorious cranberry. Only 2% of those polled mentioned cranberries or cranberry sauce as a top pick. And, to make matters worse, when separately asked to name their least favorite food or dish at Thanksgiving dinner, 21% of Americans cited cranberries or cranberry sauce - making it the number one least loved item on the menu.

We think that's a shame. The cranberry is probably one of the most versatile foodstuffs at the table. Beyond the ubiquitous "cranberry sauce," dried cranberries make a lovely compliment to a cheese platter, they're a terrific sweet-tart addition to stuffing or apple pie - and don't forget to use a some of their deep pink juice when you whip up a batch of Cosmos or Cape Codders.

Gothamist thinks its time we stood behind the stalwart cranberry. Share recipes. Visit Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights. If need be, visit Cranberry, New Jersey. But please, give this fruit a chance at your Thanksgiving table.

You'll be thankful you did.