Sticking it to the man is a tricky business, and nobody knows that better than short-order cook Ryan Burke, who you might recall as the infamous Evesham, NJ pube sandwich-maker from way back in February 2010. Burke spent a few days in jail for giving a police officer a bagel laced with his own body hair; now, Burke might have to shell out for part or all of a $13,750 settlement owed to the officer after a lawsuit.

Burke was working at the Good Foods to Go sandwich shop in Evesham when Officer Jeremy Merck, who Burke recognized as the very officer who had given him a traffic ticket a year prior, stopped in for a quick meal. An apparently staunch supporter of personal justice, Burke refused to let Merck get away such dastardly ticket-giving, so he sprinkled some of his own pubic hair in Merck's turkey, egg and cheese sandwich to show the officer what's what. But Merck noticed there was something extra special in his breakfast snack about halfway through it, and eventually Burke was arrested, charged, and sentenced to fifteen days in jail in January 2011 for his culinary ingenuity.

But a prison sentence wasn't enough to quell Merck, whose "motivation was, and always has been, to send a message to any person who would entertain the idea of seeking retribution against public officials," his lawyer, Bruce Zamost, said. Merck sued both Burke and the Good Foods to Go deli in October. The case was settled last month, and now one or both of the defendants will have to pay up, which just goes to show that despite what the Times says, there's no real room for creative cuisine in this world.