You guys it's almost the most important time of the year: Girl Scout Cookie season! And with next month's cookie gorge fest comes news from the Land of Green Sashes that the ladies are riding the gluten-free wave with a brand new cookie—and this time, no mushrooms.

The new confection, called the Chocolate Chip Shortbread—most boring cookie name ever?—features chocolate chips nestled in a shortbread cookie made from rice flour, tapioca flower and potato starch along with other all-natural products like butter, cocoa powder and cane syrup. Four cookies set you back 130 calories, which sounds great but probably just means they're really small. Sadface.

This is great news for celiac sufferers, of course, who haven't been able to indulge in the greatness that is the Thin Mint. Sadly, the Green Ladies are only releasing the cookie in certain test markets, which happens to exclude many major cities including New York, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and LA. Tha hell? Come on, GSA! People in major cities loooove to whine about their gluten intolerances and their Paleo diets—you're missing a great opportunity here. If all goes according to plan, however, the gluten-free cookies could be here by this time next year... and by then will they also be offering an au courant Vegan Quinoa-Carob Biscuits?