You'll never have to leave the safety of the internet to feed a Samoas addiction now that the Girl Scouts have finally entered the 21st Century. Starting this cookie season, the gals in green will be able to sell boxes of Thin Mints and Savannah Smiles through the web for the first time in Girl Scouts history. Kids these days have it so easy! When I was their age, I had to trek half a mile around my block with a pen to sell cookies.

As a supplement to the traditional door-to-door method, each girl will operate her own Digital Cookie store, which customers can access by invitation from a particular Scout. For the girls, it's an opportunity to improve their business skills by efficiently tracking their sales and reach a wider customer base wherever they may have family or friends. For the customers, it's an opportunity to purchase cookies with a credit card. These are dangerous times.

"Business and entrepreneurship is one of four key program focus areas in which we help today's girls develop into tomorrow's leaders," CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York Barbara Murphy-Warrington said of the program. "Digital Cookie will equip our girls with invaluable digital skills essential in the 21st century, in addition to the traditional business skills they learn from participating in the program." This season's Initial Sale for Digital Cookie begins December 12th.

For those without a neighbor or family member to help facilitate cookie calories, troops will still set up shop at stores and other businesses and their cookie app will also still be active. Also new to the Scouts setup: a gluten-free cookie called Toffee-tastic, which packs toffee bits into a butter cookie. Another thing we learned from the Girl Scouts Cookie Manual? Thin Mints are vegan!