It's just about Girl Scout Cookie season, and while we already know there's a new cookie this year, and we already tested out their locator app to make sure we could find the treats once they were on the market again... it doesn't hurt to cover all your bases. You don't want to miss out on your annual Thin Mint fix, after all. So with that, we give you a handy list of Girl Scout Cookie Pop-Up Shops that will be opening all over the city on March 13th.


Cookies are $4 a box for all varieties—including Samoas, Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos and the 100th Anniversary cookie, Savannah Smiles. Though be warned (or buy some elastic waist pants), these shops will remain open for a dangerously long period of time, not closing until May 3rd. Resist the urge for multiple visits! Or you could always rationalize your multiple purchases by reminding yourself of this closed-minded boycott.