It's currently Negroni Week, and World Gin Day arrives on Saturday, so let's get down with the juniper, shall we? The fine people of OddFellows Ice Cream are making it easy for those who think gin's just for stodgy old British men named Alastair (this opinion is Wrong, but long-held stereotypes can be hard to break). Behold gin ice cream, my friends, following in the tradition of putting booze in everything.

On Friday, the Williamsburg ice cream shop will start serving gin ice cream flights, with three flavors of frozen treats crafted using three different craft gins. Dorothy Parker Gin, which is made locally at the New York Distilling Company, is the base for a "Gin & Berries" ice cream made with juniper and huckleberries. Portobello Road Gin, from England, is used to make the "Gin & Grapefruit" sorbet folded into rosemary ice cream. And finally, Australian Four Pillars Gin makes up half of the "Gin & Juice" popsicle; tangerine juice comprises the other half.

If you wanna get a bit of a buzz this weekend you can score the trio for $13 at the Kent Avenue scoop shop through Sunday.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. is located at 175 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, (347) 599-0556;