One of fall's most anticipated new restaurants debuts today in the East Village with the opening of Drunken Dumpling, a mother-son collaboration that's poised to explode the city's soup dumpling scene. They'll be offering something they're calling the XL Xiao Long Bao, an enormous soup dumpling "the size of a bowl" that comes with a straw for sucking up all the savory broth. Throw all that training out the window.

Qihui Guan—a mathematics professor turned dumpling-maker at soup dumpling hype machine Joe's Shanghai—and her son Yuan Lee will be steaming up all manner of potstickers, like their enormous signature XLB ($12.75) stuffed with a meatball of crab, scallop and shrimp suspended in an 8-hour broth made from chicken and vegetables. More reasonably-sized soup dumplings are on offer, too, including a Stony Mountain Ranch pork version ($11.75) and one made with crab ($12.75).

Beyond the soup variety, chicken, shrimp and vegetable dumplings; steamed pork buns; and a dessert bao and Red Bean Buns with honey and red bean paste. They'll also serve sake, wine and beer, from local spots like Sixpoint in addition to varieties from Asia including Qingdao Beer.

137 1st Avenue, 212-982-8882