If 7-Eleven has any shortcomings at all, it's that hungry patrons have nowhere to rest their feet while they enjoy their delicious meal of leathery chicken wings and 52-ounce Big Gulps. Fortunately for 5th Avenue residents, the arrival of a brand-new two-story 7-Eleven mega store means that they'll never have to eat their Buffalo Chicken Rollers on the street like common urchins ever again.

The Brobdingnagian convenience store opened its doors at 182 Fifth Avenue at the end of April, to the certain delight of hungry Flatiron office workers looking for an economical yet classy establishment at which to treat favored out-of-town clients.

In addition to "tables and seating" geared toward "the office lunchtime crowd," the Processed Food Valhalla will also feature expansive Slurpee and coffee stations, DNAinfo reports.

If you're concerned that this sudden focus on square-footage will detract from the company's original goal of ensuring that each borough has a 7-Eleven for every voting member of Congress (that's 535, for those of you keeping score at home), you have nothing to worry about. 7-Eleven's aggressive push for total world domination expansion is continuing at a healthy clip, regardless of how many angry East Villagers don chains and plaid vests in protest. Soon, 7-Elevens may be the only thing that New York has more of than cicadas. New hot item, perhaps?