There's been a fair amount of weird stuff going on with beer these days, from beer soap to beer perfume, so we're not really surprised by this latest announcement, for Twisted Pine Brewery's Ghost Face Killah beer, billed as "the hottest beer this side of hell."

The limited-edition beer is brewed with six different hot peppers, though we're fairly certain that the Bhut Jolokia—also known as the "ghost pepper," also spicy enough to be used as a weapon against terrorists —overwhelms them all (that being said, Twisted Pine, if you want to send us some samples…). As for the seafood-loving rapper's involvement, Twisted Pine told Pop & Hiss that it is, sadly, fairly limited: "We tried to get in touch with him, but we didn't receive a call back," said GM Jody Valenta, who added that the brewery technically took the name from the classic 1979 kung-fu film "Mystery of Chessboxing"...just like Killah.

Sadder still, the beer isn't available in New York (yet), but take heart: at least we'll always have Ron de Jeremy rum.