Now that Dan Aykroyd has confirmed the impending existence of a Ghostbusters III, it's time for a celebratory toast! May we suggest a sip of homemade Hi-C Ecto Cooler, aka Slimer Juice?

The good nerds over at Gamma Squad have figured how to make the neon-colored concoction at home (it was sadly discontinued in 2001), so you can relive the sickly sweet taste of the past in the comfort in your own home. The Ghostbusters: Chicago Division (yes, this is a real thing) put together a tutorial and a recipe. All you need is...

1 Packet Flavor Aid Orange
1 Packet Flavor Aid Tangerine
3/4 Cup Orange Juice (No Pulp)
3/4 Cup Tangerine Juice
1/3 scoop Countrytime Lemonade
1 3/4 Cups Sugar
Green and blue food coloring

The only instruction? Mix together. Here's how:

And should your memory need refreshing, here's what the original looks like: