2005_11_food_goldpalaceIt's already underway at Artie's Delicatessen, but you might be able to hurry uptown to catch the Golden Palace Thanksgiving Invitational presented by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). Eight competitors, each of whom was invited to participate, are competing to be the first to devour a 10-pound roast turkey in 12 minutes. Joey Chestnut, who according to IFOCE is "arguably the most promising rookie eater of all time" will compete against Sonya "the Black Widow" Thomas and Eric "Badlands" Booker, among others. But IFOCE realizes that Thanksgiving turkeys are not so plentiful for everyone, and are donating complete holiday meals for 20 families of four who would otherwise go without a Thanksgiving dinner through Food P.A.T.C.H.(People Allied to Combat Hunger) an affiliate of Second Harvest.

Thrillist reports that competitive eater "Crazy Legs" Conti uses Fernet-Branca, an Italian amaro, to recover from his eating frenzies. "Crazy Legs calls it 'delicious Drano.'" Hey, maybe we'll give it a shot tomorrow night. Any other suggestions for recovering after the big day?

The Daily News on the Thanksgiving Invitational.