If you're determined to check off every Instagrammable spot in the city (Dream Machine? Washington Street in DUMBO? Egg House? The Cloisters?), then get your duck face ready: The Museum of Ice Cream is returning on June 6th.

The pop-up was in high-demand last year to the point where the coveted $18 tickets were sold out and being peddled on Craigslist for $100. Here's what we saw when we dropped by:

The Sprinkle Pool, disappointingly filled with tiny plastic beads and not actual food, feels interesting on your feet for a minute or so and will definitely look great in your Snaps and Boomerangs. More real ice cream can be had at the Miracle Berry installation, where they give you one of those tablets that mess with your taste buds, changing sour to sweet, and then you eat a lemon sticking out from a bright pink swirl of soft serve.

Edible helium balloons don't really have much to do with ice cream, but they will make your voice all squeaky just like the regular ones, so that's good for a laugh, plus you get to eat spun sugar. There's a sensually-lit Chocolate Chamber with video walls, moody music, and a burbling fountain in the back, though it's unclear if you're allowed to stick your face in this and drink freely. Photo-ops riding an ice cream sandwich porch swing and a scooper-shaped see-saw complete your visit.

This year, there will be also be a Pint Shop, described as an "interactive grocery shopping destination" (yes, the ice cream flavors will be available for sale there and also at "most Target stores"). There's also a reservation only experience called The Tasting Room, which will involve "an in-depth look at the components of ice cream in addition to featuring our 7 original ice cream flavors." They will also offer Pint Sessions, "a series of interactive workshops based on our mission of imagination and creativity" led by Museum staffers and "Social Influencers."

Get your matching dresses ready...

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The Museum of Ice Cream will be at 459 West 14th Street in Manhattan this summer. It opens on June 6.