A new lunchtime option has arrived in the Financial District in the form of Greek "fast food," an alternative option for anyone wary of the street meat gyro. GRK keeps the menu simple with a selection of Yeero meats, tzatziki spreads and salads, most priced under $10. For the yeeros, select a protein of either chicken, pork or lamb & beef—all sourced from local farms then marinated and roasted—then decide between a warm pita sandwich or a platter with an additional side. Both options are also served with a dose of tzatziki and hot sauce, upon request.

Vegetarians can choose between three salad options, including one with lentils, veggies and herbs and the three tzatziki spreads—scallion/mint, roasted pepper and basil/garlic—might make a nice afternoon snack. Right on trend, the restaurant offers greek yogurt, either frozen or fresh, with a variety of sweet toppings—granola, nuts, fruit and the like—available to bulk it up. But we're most curious about the savory option with fresh figs, olives, pepper, cucumber, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil plus pita chips for dipping. John Stamos will be so proud.

GRK Fresh Greek // 111 Fulton Street, Manhattan // 212-385-2010 // 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

GRK Menu