Did you know that a 16 ounce cup of hot chocolate will cost you ten dollars at Yankee Stadium? It's news to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, who was shivering through a Yankees-Angels game the other night when a vendor passed by hawking the luxury chocolate-flavored water. He later crunched the numbers on the product, and guesstimates that the Yankees are making about $9.15 profit on each hot chocolate sold (23 cents for bulk chocolate power, 6.5 cents for a cup and lid, 5 cents for hot water, and maybe 50 cents for the vendor).

To be fair, one Chowhound user insists this is "Swiss Miss level" hot chocolate, and King also omits the crucial fact that it comes in a collectible Inaugural Season Souvenir Hot Cup! But the only problem with the cup is that it doesn't actually keep the hot chocolate hot! Scoreboard Gourmet attended one of the championship games, and reports, "39 minutes to first pitch and people already complaining the hot chocolate isn't hot. And when this hot chocolate is not hot, you can actually taste it, which is undesirable."