Not everyone was a fan, but there's no denying that the Cronut propelled chef Dominique Ansel into the Pastry Pantheon and started a food mashup trend that isn't likely to die down anytime soon. With his success, Ansel has been able to open a new eatery, Dominique Ansel Kitchen, which debuted on Seventh Avenue South this morning. Given his celebrity status, it's perhaps no surprise that two hours before the opening at 8 a.m., there were already people waiting outside. Hopefully they're aware that Ansel's cult pastry won't be offered at the new spot.

Neither will some of Ansel's other whimsical inventions, like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots. Instead, the kitchen and bakery will focus on putting out pastries and other goodies finished "a la minute," or when they're ordered. "The focus is time and how it affects the final experience of the food," the website preaches. To that end, breakfast items like Pain Au Chocolate 2.0 ($5.50) with Valrhona dark chocolate, orange butter and Maldon sea salt and a Made-to-Order Chocolate Mousse ($6.50) will take a few minutes to prepare after they've been ordered.

Same goes for the selection of savory items the Kitchen will be offering. Of those, the most Instagramable will most certainly be The EGG-clipse ($7.50), a squid ink-flavored brioche topped with mashed potatoes, a mushroom cream sauce and two golden, confit egg yolks sprinkled with cheese. I mean, just look at it. The Kitchen will offer these items to go, though they recommend eating them ASAP; items marked in lavender on the menu require a few extra minutes, for the time-strapped.

In addition to the a la carte goodies, the Kitchen will also debut a tasting menu called Unlimited Possibilities, which will take place after hours on certain evenings. Details about the dessert-only tasting menu have yet to be revealed, but there'll likely be eight seats and eight courses. The rest of the bakery is first come, first serve, with orders placed at the counter.

137 Seventh Avenue South, (212) 242-5111; website

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