(Photos via Oxbow and Harry Siegel)

Obviously if a beer has lobster in it, it's going to be more expensive.

Should a beer have lobster in it? Probably not? At least not without butter. Beer with lobster in it exists, though, and it will cost you anywhere from $18 to $32, while it lasts. Whether or not Harry here knows it, $28 for 16.9 oz. of lobster beer is a pretty fair price—other bars in New York sell that amount for $35.

The beer is Oxbow's Saison Dell'Aragosta Saison, which is brewed with LIVE Maine lobster. According to Modern Farmer, this is how the magic happens:

The ale made by boiling whole Maine lobsters in “sweet wort,” a mixture of water, malt and grain, made before adding the hops. After the lobsters are cooked, they’re hauled out of the sweet wort. After the crustaceans are picked clean, their shells, which still retain a great deal of lobster flavor, are added back to the sweet wort, along with some Maine sea salt. After a bit more time, the shells are removed, hops are added and brewing proceeds as usual. The beer itself is a saison, a Belgian-style pale ale that’s made in the winter and drunk in the summer.

This photo above appears to have been taken at the Double Windsor in Brooklyn, but there are at least four other places in NYC to find the brew (if you're thinking of trying it out, please call ahead to make sure they still have it on hand).