There's lots of ways to celebrate Halloween, but if you're worried about not getting your invitation to the Molly-fueled warehouse party by the abandoned train tracks in Bushwick (or is it Ridgewood?) don't worry, an awesome new option has arrived. Flatbush pizza spot ZuriLee is inviting you to eat all the pizza you possibly can at their Halloween party.

You're probably a little old for trick or treating, sadly, so since you can't fill up on candy courtesy of the kindness of strangers on Halloween weekend, why not eat as much pizza as your stomach can take? For twenty five bucks, you can treat yourself to an unlimited amount of what the pizza spot calls their "Neo York-style" pizzas next Friday night, which run the gamut from your traditional Neapolitan pie to Caribbean-inspired creations like jerk chicken-topped East Flatbush or the oxtail-topped Pinnacle 1.

Oh also there's unlimited beer and sangria, to help the pizza go down even smoother. Speaking from experience as someone who used to house wood-fired pizzas at Roberta's after a bread delivery shift, I would recommend you go on a brisk 20 mile bike ride before getting to ZuriLee, which will allow you to be just empty enough to eat multiple pies.

The restaurant will have a DJ and a general party atmosphere going down as well, but kudos to you if you manage to eat your weight in pizza and then even think about dancing. The pizza joint only asks that you show up in some kind Halloween festive attire, but to make your own life a little easier, I recommend leaving any full facemask costumes behind this night. They're just going to get in the way of all the pizza. All of the pizza that's only limited by your stomach capacity.