With Malaysian Restaurant Week coming to an end, it is about time for another Restaurant Week-style deal to drop on our shores, eh? Well, you are in luck. Next week marks the inaugural Dine Astoria event. And no, it isn't just Greek restaurants.

As anyone who has actually spent any time in the area knows, Astoria actually has quite a lot of good food options ("A partial list would include: Adriatic, Afghani, Bangladeshi, Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, Croatian, Cuban, Czech-Slovak, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, Filipino, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Mexican, Moroccan, Pakistani, and Thai"). And from June 24th through the 30th many of them are going to be offering special prices and meals, not to mention traditional three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner options ranging from $25—$35.

So beat the heat and help your neighborhood out (or go and visit! it is lovely!). You can find a full list of restaurants participating in the prix fixes here [PDF]. And for a much longer list of all the dining options in the area broken down by cuisine, check out these two PDFs.