2004_10_food_vote.jpgGothamist has already told you how to get information about where and when to cast your vote tomorrow. Now, we move on to more important information -- where to party on Election Night. The Election Party is "a non-partisan organization working to give this election day November 2, 2004 the spirit of a popular holiday by creating an atmosphere of celebration and pride in our democracy," profiled in yesterday's New York Times. Even before we saw the article, Gothamist had noticed one of their posters in a Brooklyn bar, and we went to their website to learn more. After all, who doesn't want another excuse to go out and drink with friends? And what better excuse than democracy? Venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn where you can either celebrate or drink away your sorrows are listed at theelectionparty.org.

The folks at Citysearch have also pulled together a list of spots with drink specials on Election night. Gothamist's favorite is the special at Otto's Shrunken Head: they're offering a free shot for every state Kerry wins, and an open bar if Bush wins the election.