Pop-up ice creamy purveyors and Vendy Award winners Ice & Vice are the latest wizards of frozen dairy to open up a brick and mortar shop, bringing their inventive ice creams to the Lower East Side. Paul Kim and Ken Lo opened their small scoop shop on East Broadway on Friday, offering a dozen flavors of their award winning ice creams and sorbets. Did we mention one of them has booze in it?

The duo built the space to be part ice cream parlor and part dairy plant, with the ability to pasteurize and create 15 gallons of product at a time. Once it's ready to go, each of the ice creams and sorbets will live in a customized dipping cabinet in the shop's counter, where they'll be able to set specific temperatures for different types of product. They were still tinkering with it when I visited on Thursday, explaining that ice creams and sorbets need to be kept at different temperatures. "I may change these levels," Kim explained. "I like a harder ice cream."

Texture plays an important role in most of the flavors, like adding crunchy, dried raisins and chocolate flakes to the buttered popcorn-flavored Movie Night and bits of bacon praline folded into salted caramel and bacon butter ice cream in the Three Little Pigs. For a boost of caffeine there's the 9AM, loaded with espresso and sweet chicory and the indulgent addition of donut truffles. When it's happy hour, reach for the Mahjong, a white peach sorbet given a boozy kick with peach lambic beer. And if you thought vanilla was boring, let just one scoop of the Basic B with black lava sea salt change your mind.

For now, the team is focusing on doing scoops—$4.36 for a single, $6.20 for a double—but plans to introduce sundaes (topped with granita!), brownie ice cream sandwiches, pie milkshakes and next generation soda floats in the coming months. Be on the lookout for the floats, first, which they're making with custom syrups and seltzer on tap; think strawberry-basil soda topped with the Basic B ("Reaping Day"). They'll also be doing their version of affogato, topping tap cold brew coffee with scoops of ice cream.

221 East Broadway; website. Opening hours are still being tested out, but look for them weekdays from noon until 10 or 11 p.m. and weekends from noon until midnight or 1 a.m.