Rooftop farming is spreading across town like a hoard of locusts, with fertile top-floor gardens popping up from Sunset Park to Long Island City. And an increasing number of restaurants are using rooftop real estate to their advantage, with the latest, Rosemary's Kitchen, which opened in Greenwich Village last week. The "rustic Italian restaurant" is growing a selection of herbs and vegetables for the menu, including thyme, sage, chives, parsley, the titular rosemary, radishes, tomatoes, and broccoli rabe.

Created by Carlos Suarez of BOBO (which also boasts a sweet roof), Rosemary’s is named after Suarez’s mother, and the menu is inspired by her home in Lucca, Italy. Executive Chef Wade Moises, formerly of Eataly, Babbo and Lupa, is serving seasonal Italian dishes centered around produce from the roof—you can peruse the full menu below. All the pasta is made fresh, and there's an ample selection of focacce.

Rosemary's seats 74 in the main dining room with a 16-seat communal table, plus a wine bar and take-away kitchen counter, where you can pick up focacce, salads, panini, charcuterie, cheese and roasted meats to go. (A 20-seat wine cellar is available for private events.) And the all-Italian wine list features 40 bottles all priced at $40, plus a reserve wine list and a broad selection of wines by the glass, including Prosecco on tap.

18 Greenwich Avenue (at West 10th Street), (212) 647-1818

Rosemary's Menu