As is often the case in Flushing's sprawling Chinatown, some of the best food can be found at the most unassuming locations. The latest in a long line of hidden-in-plain-sight neighborhood treasures: Followsoshi, a cramped counter spot that sits on one side of the entranceway to a moderately chaotic mini mall on 40th Road (it's under the big yellow awning for Corner 28, the name of the roasted meat place on the other side of the front door), about a block or two away from the 7 train at Main Street.

Followsoshi means, roughly, "all of life's blessings" (characters for longevity, prosperity, and happiness are among those on the bright red sign), and the surprisingly lengthy menu hits a lot of different comfort zones. The headliners here are the Jian Bing, those made-to-order crepes that—although plenty hefty, are easy to eat on the go—come loaded with different textures and flavors.

Two of the more uncommon varieties, Super Spicy Ramen and Chicken Parmesan, were sold out last weekend, but that still left a lot of options from which to choose. I went with the Peking Duck and it was excellent, the bird bits ample, juicy, and tender, the multi-folded exterior coated with egg, and a smashed-up deep fried baocui bringing plenty of crunch to the party. Ancient Spiced Beef, Garlic Crawfish, and Vegetarian, stuffed with potato and seaweed, are among your other choices in this section.

Work in progress, Braised Pork Roasted Cold Noodles ($9.50)

Work in progress, Braised Pork Roasted Cold Noodles ($9.50)

Work in progress, Braised Pork Roasted Cold Noodles ($9.50)
Scott Lynch / Gothamist

Maybe even better than their Jian Bing, though, are Followsoshi's Roasted Cold Noodles — featuring flat, rectangular noodles fried on the crepe-griddle to a pleasant chewiness, and filled with many of the same choices as the Jian Bing. This time I opted for the Braised Pork, which was nicely fatty (and, honestly, seemed more straight-up roasted than braised) and placed atop a whole mess of enoki mushrooms, with a liberal dousing of chili oil finishing things in fine fashion.

There are about a dozen Dim Sum-type dishes at Followsoshi as well, including Rolling Donkey Rice Rolls, Crispy Beef Patties, and various Baos and Pancake Rolls. Braised meats and vegetables (Chicken Gizzards, Yuba, Duck Necks, Kelp) are also available. Egg Burgers, which are like stuffed biscuits, are promised to be "coming soon," and Coarse Grain Beverages such as Walnut Sesame Soy round out the options here.

There's nowhere to sit at Followsoshi, or even stand inside, but the benches at the Bland Houses Playground are just steps away.

Followsoshi is located at 135-24 40th Road, between Main and Prince Streets, and is currently open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily (347-654-6466;