We've heard reports in the past that Brooklyn is the new Paris, but also that hipsters ruined Paris by turning it into Brooklyn. Here's a tiny bit more fuel for that fire: did you know that there's a "Bedford Avenue Brooklyn Diner" located on rue de Champ de Mars?

Brooklyn Based stumbled upon the eatery, and Untapped Cities was highly amused by the fact nothing about their Brooklyn-aping logo, which claims they have a real Bedford sister restaurant, is correct.

The closest equivalent is Diner on Broadway and Berry, and owner Andrew Tarlow knew nothing of the other place: “I had never heard of it until I saw your instagram photo,” Tarlow wrote to Brooklyn Based. “I wonder if the owners in Paris even know we exist. Parisians can be like that sometimes.”

Our favorite part is their supreme adoration for one Chuck Norris, as if this Bedford Avenue is stuck squarely in 1999. Their love for all things Norris includes both a burger on the menu named after to him and a framed photo of him on the wall. Chuck Norris might be, at this point, supremely un-Brooklyn, but the fact the Paris outpost serves breakfast all day seems very right.