2007_05_grom.jpgUpper West Siders had a new store to flock to this weekend: Grom, a gelato shop that opened on Broadway between 76th and 77th Streets. There were lines, and our own Joe Schumacher braved the UWS foodies and sweet-toothed for a taste.

I ordered a small luna rosso, which was the flavor of the month. It was quite good --dense and creamy. It was also expensive --$4.75 plus tax for that a small cup. That cup, by the way, is made of biodegradable paper, unlike the plastic cups used by Il Laboratorio del Gelato on the Lower East Side.

However, Joe warns that the $4.75 might prohibit people from being regulars.

The Grom concept is that its gelatos are made in Italy, then shipped to its shops where they are "creamed on the spot," according to the company website. The Food Section adds, "All the sorbets are made of 50 percent fruit and 50 percent San Bernardo mineral water from the Italian Alps, and the company has acquired land where it is planting its own melons, strawberries, peaches, pears, and figs."

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Photograph by Cititour