2004_10_food_ottogelato.jpgAlthough the fall chill is starting to sneak in, it's never too late in the season for Otto's gelato. The Chowhounds report that the much-awaited gelato cart is now scooping at the Northwestern entrance to the park. The cart was expected to arrive during the summer, but apparently Mario and his team ran into some permit problems.

At $4 a serving, it's not cheap, but their gelato is definitely worth it -- NY Metro deemed it "best gelato" last year, and pastry chef Meredith Kurtzman has been churning out a wide range of rich, creamy gelato ever since, often providing seasonal variations, like sweet corn during the summer, and pumpkin in the fall. Gothamist particularly loves the caramel, coffee, hazelnut stracciatella and the mint chocolate chip, but really, we have a hard time turning down gelato in any flavor, particularly when it's being peddled nearby.