Last week, a waitress at a NJ restaurant shared a diner's explanation—written on the bill—about why she wasn't getting a tip, "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life." Now, Dayna Morales says she's "overwhelmed" by the support she's received and will donate to wounded soldiers.

Morales, who works at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, had explained that when she introduced herself to the family, "My name is Dayna, I'll be taking care of you," the mother said, "Oh I thought you were gonna say your name is Dan. You sure surprised us!'" Morales didn't comment about that, but when she received the check back from them, she was insulted and upset and sent the receipt to Have A Gay Day which posted it on Facebook last week.

Since then, numerous people have visited the restaurant to support Morales. The Star-Ledger reports that "a gay couple and their family who drove from The Bronx, N.Y. to donate $20 each, the rough equivalent of a 20 percent tip on the original check of $93.55 check. Jennie Saldana; her partner, Gloria; her daughter, Jordan; Gloria's niece and nephew, Trinity Roman and Bryan Perez; and their dog, Gizmo came to Bridgewater Saturday." Saldana said they specifically went there for Morales, People shouldn't assume how others live. Being a mother and looking the way I do, I'm speechless."

People have donated in $2,000 tips so far and Morales says she's going to give it to the Wounded Warriors Project, which helps wounded service members empower themselves. Gallop Asian Bistro will also be matching the donation.