While Padma might not be universally loved in these parts, the Top Chef franchise is still going strong around the country. Bravo just announced the cast of the new Texas-set season, featuring no fewer than four chefs from New York restaurants trying to slice and dice their way to Tom Colicchio's heart. But the one we love most? Two words: Ty-Lör Boring.

Yes, that's his name. Boring, a chef is Spasso in the West Village, has both the gay card and the tragic backstory card going for him. Check it out! Here's his photoshoot for Butt magazine, and in the video below, he explains how he was cast out of his religious hometown at a young age but is drawn back now as both of his parents struggle with their health: his father has suffered 10 heart attacks and his mother is dying of silicone breast implant poisoning. Sure, the whole thing, including his name, might be part of a bizarro performance art piece, but we give him props for playing it, ahem...straight.

Bravo has a full list of the contestants here, which also includes chefs from Fatty Crab, Fishtail and Villa Pacri.